Founder's Story

In September 2005, 37 year-old Angela (Angie) Walters was diagnosed with breast cancer. After undergoing 16 months of treatment, which included three surgeries, an intensive program of chemotherapy, and a prolonged series of radiation sessions, she made a successful recovery.

During these 16 months, Angela felt very fortunate that she had excellent insurance coverage and was also able to continue her job during this time, missing only a few days of work during her recovery. However, she met many people who found the cancer treatments so overwhelming they couldn't work. Many of them also had little or no insurance coverage.

Angela realized that a large number of these cancer patients were worried about meeting their basic financial needs rather than focusing on getting well. Angela was able to focus on herself and her treatment, which was a vital part of her recovery.

In August 2006, Angela made an important decision to help other cancer patients by founding the Breast Cancer Assistance Program Fund (BCAP). This 501(c)(3) charity provides for the basic living needs of rent/mortgage and utility expenses for qualified breast cancer patients.

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